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The National Hearing and Speech Institute of Iceland (Heyrnar-og talmeinastöð Íslands) is the center of knowledge in the field of hearing and speech impairments in Iceland. Our services are nationwide and it is our task to serve those who are hearing impaired, deaf or have a speech impairment. The center offers the diagnosis and treatment, sales and services of hearing aids and assistive equipment. The center offers a wide variety of specialists, doctors, hearing therapist (audiologists), speech therapists, psychologist, etc. 

The role and operation of the clinic: We perform our role by offering an extensive service in the field of hearing and speech impairments for children, adults and their families regardless of the level of the hearing or speech impairment. The hearing and speech center oversees cochlear implants and the rehabilitation of those which undergo such therapy. 

The center is leading in research in the field of hearing and speech impairments in the country. We share knowledge about hearing and speech impairments to both the public as well as to professionals. Our goal is to offer first class health service in the field of hearing- and speech impairments.

We offer diverse education for individuals and organizations.

Interpretation service: In the law nr 74 from 1997 about the rights of patients’ chapter II article 5 says:

II. Information and agreement.
Information about health and treatment.
5th paragraph. A patient has the right to information about:
a. health, including medical information about his/her situation and the prognosis.
b. planned therapy including information about the process, risks and its utility
c. other possible options apart from the planned treatment and the consequences of doing nothing.
d. the possibilities of a second opinion of another doctor or other medical staff according to whether the issue is treatment, situation or prognosis. 

The patients file shall include confirmation that the information in this paragraph has been offered.
The information according to this paragraph shall be offered as quickly as the occasion arises an in a manner in which the patient may understand them.

If the patient is someone who does not speak Icelandic or uses sign language he/she shall be guaranteed interpretation according to this article.

The clients of the Hearing and Speech Center (Heyrnar- og Talmeinastöðvar) which are foreigners have the right to the service of interpreters and therapy from the centers expert. It shall be noted when booking an interview if an interpreter is needed.

Please contact us by phone 5813855 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Opening hours of HTÍ : 8-16 ( 8am-4pm)

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